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We are happy to provide a SAFE bed and breakfast for horses, pets, and their people!!

Our Name
It is fun to watch people scratch their head when first hearing that our farm name is Ararat Acres. The name itself provides a huge clue to the type of B&B that we have chosen to create. Ararat was the mountain that Noah landed on when he let all of the animals out of the ark. We strive to be the quality of caregivers and stewards of our animals that Noah was to all of his charges on the ark. While we are not a non-profit animal rescue site, it sure seems that way sometimes! We do our best to help those animals in need, and to also ensure a safe habitat for those travelers just passing thru.

What We Are
It is our primary goal to provide a safe and relaxing place to stay for people traveling with horses and other pets. As horse and pet owners, we fully realize the difficulty of traveling with an animal, including finding comfortable, accommodating lodging for the animals AND their people. Our private guest rooms include attached stalls for hoofed family members, and pet beds in guestrooms if needed. We will also do our best to accommodate unique travelers, whether yours be a goat, donkey, iguana, alpaca, hamster, or anybody else who is a family member. However, if you are traveling without a pet, but love animals and need a comfortable place to stay, we’ve got room for you too. Regardless, we treat our animals like children, and believe that yours should be treated that way too!

Our History
Ararat Acres has been a work of love and a work in progress for almost 9 years. It has taken that long because almost all of the labor and design has been done by us as we have had the funds, time, and energy. We began first in ’95 by purchasing the original 22+ acres, and then slowly began building the 100% white stone barn with a full apartment. Our original goal was to finish the barn, wait a year, and then start on the house. However, the land around us began to be developed into ranchettes, and we decided to buy an additional 11+ acres as a buffer from the encroaching civilization. The bad news was that this unexpected expense delayed the starting of our home/B&B by 4 years. It was a big day in September 2001 when we actually broke ground……again. The house was a much bigger project than the barn, and was completed (if any house is ever truly completed) in October ’03.
We love old things, nature, and animals, have a tried to build a home and B&B that emphasizes these passions. Our love of things old has driven us to find old architectural items and give them new life. The wide plank, heart of pine floors in the house came from a home in Louisiana that was built in 1861, and served as a hospital for the Confederate army during the Civil War. We have also used hand hewn beams from the same home that are utilized both structurally and decoratively. There are several sets of old doors used both in the barn apartment, and in the house that come from100+ yr old demolished buildings. We have used reclaimed claw foot bathtubs and sink fixtures that we have found in our search for creating a unique home environment. Stone has been used throughout the house, both interiorly and exteriorly in an effort to create a new home that looks old, and to bring a natural look indoors. Finally, a wraparound porch, rocking chairs, some lazy dogs, and porch ceiling fans, reminiscent of the “good ol’ days”, provide continuous shade, a cool breeze, and a good place to relax any day.
In all of our planning, it was of major importance that we have a home and outside environment that is animal friendly. It may be something as simple as wood floors instead of carpet, or more complicated……such as an air conditioned private room in the barn for our resident rescued pot belly pig, Piggy Sue. All of our fencing is safe, no climb horse fence, to minimize wire related injuries and our horse stalls are open, airy, and secure. To minimize the chance of horse theft, we also have security coded, gated front and mid-entrances.

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Thank you for visiting us at Ararat Acres.  May God bless you and your animals while you travel!!  Please visit us again, and Happy Riding!!!